Wooden Vases

A series of vessels created using a single small piece of wood as a mould.

A piece of wood is pasted with hot wax creating an impression of the wood. The wood is then moved to a new position and pasted with hot wax again, blending it with the previous piece. This is repeated so as to build up the form intuitively, creating an object that is both moulded, yet unique.

The wax form is then cast into either plaster or metal blending it into one singular material through one singular action. The resulting form becoming an amalgam of moments.

The forms are ‘wooden’ in that they have been created using wood rather than being made of wood. They therefore reference wood as an active verb rather than a monumental noun; the resulting forms highly animated and not ‘wooden’ at all.

The pieces were then cast in either Jesmonite or untreated bronze.