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I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the quality of this website.

I know. I know. Everyone now uses Squarespace and it all wooshes in paralax... and I am sure
one day I will get around to making it look like one of those sites, but just now, right now, I'm sorry, I just haven't
had the time. I've got two kids, and if I have any spare time when I get home from the studio I usually just fall asleep.
So, please just have a look at the images of the projects, and try not to think about the website itslef. I have put a great
amount of work into the actual projects, I have just not yet made this website itself all flashy like the proper desingers do.
Forgive me, and please keep in mind that Daniel Eatock, co-creator of INDEXHIBIT once said to me "it's not about
the form, it's about the content" which I think is pretty true. At least it's my get out of jail card for now. Sorry.