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Toy Making Workshop


On Saturday 12th July 2014 I held a wooden toy making workshop at the World Peace Garden.

All of the wood that we used was left over from my workshop, mostly from the Museum of Childhood desk and the Kvadrat stools. The children taking part learnt to saw, sand and drill and then we put the bits of wood together using nuts and bolts. We then added elastic bands, strings and wires to make the toys move. People made dinosaurs, boats, butterflies, dragons, a dancing wizard, swords a giant crane and other wonderful things.

The World Peace Garden is an amazing secret place next to Hampstead Heath train station. A piece of derelict land that was in terrible condition that has been transformed into a beautifully landscaped environment by some generous and dedicated volunteers.

Please see their website or facebook page for more information.

Below is an example of a toy that I make myself that I brought along to show.
Have a look at my other page to see more of these.