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I recently have been making toys from the scrap wood from my workshop.

In 2011 I made the large reception desk for the Museum Of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London, and I ended up with loads of boxes of small pieces of good quality ash. It seemed only appropriate to turn these into toys.

I also ran a toy making workshop with children at a public garden near my home - have a look here.

This is a simple balancing game I made for Martha, my friend Kevin's daughter. Being bad at maths myself I thought it would be a nice way to think about weight and numbers.

This is a prehistoric Moa bird that I made for my son Leon.
The mouth is spring loaded with a rubber band.

A dancing Russian circus performer.

The bell on the cow jangles as the head bobs up and down.
The grass is made from Kvadrat textile left over from a project I made for them.

The egg really shoots out of the chicken if you close it hard.