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IRON casmere collection


For the London Design Festival 2014 I was invited to work again with the company OYUNA who produce the finest Mongolian cashmere, this time to produce an experimental series of designs in the cashmere itself.

Having worked earlier in the year with the effects of oxidised metal bleeding onto and staining wood I thought it would be interesting to apply this to the cashmere, creating something like a shroud, a memory of the metal that was there.

The pieces are folded asymmetrically then held down by pieces of steel and then soaked to activate the oxidisation. Once peeled open, patterns of rust penetrate through the folds.

A little more info can be found here, and the other participating designers were HUNTING and NARUD and STUDY O PORTABLE.

See the original installation I made for OYUNA here

See the original Bleed Cabinets here