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This shelving unit is another iteration of the Split series, in which logs are split into four pieces and used as the corners of box shapes. Because the wood is split with irregular angles the resulting forms are non-uniform but still complete – due to the mathematical fact that the total angles of a split form will always total 360 degrees.

This shelving unit differs from previous versions in that the slatted wood levels are created from a wide variety of left over wood pieces from my studio. Created towards the end of the year, it felt like a bit of a ‘cupboard-clearout ‘ in the same way that pancake day was traditionally a blow-out preparation for the fasting of lent. Hence the title of the piece is a word play on ‘Lent’ the festival, and the verb ‘to lean’.

'Lent' was created for the exhibition ‘Knock on Wood’ at Tools Galerie in Paris in 2011.

Most recently I have been commissioned to make these further versions of the pieces for a private residence and also for Sarah Myerscough Gallery in London to be shown at the Saatchi Gallery for Collect 2017.