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These benches were created for the exhibition Simple Vision coordinated by Japan Creative shown at the Milan Salone di Mobili 2012. They were realised by the respected Japanese furniture company Hinoki Kogei following visits to their factory in Japan.

The benches are created from a log split into two pieces. On top of this is mounted a covering created from woven grass (igusa) and hiba rods. This can be rolled back so as to use the interior space for stroage.It is held in place with coloured bungees stretched over dark hardwood turned knobs. The wood used is 'hiba' a type of Japanese Cypress. Both the igusa and hiba have fantastic natural odours.

'Dodai' means 'base' in Japanese and the benches loosely reference architectural beams laid on the foundations of houses.

The Dodai benches are made to order. Please email me for more details.

Mr Tozawa and his son splitting open the giant logs at the Hinoki Kogei factory.
All images are provided courtesy of Japan Creative. Please do not use without asking permission.